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PLEASE USE mansondirect@yahoo.com to contact this website. OUR EMAIL here (contact@atwaearth.com) is presently misdirecting! If your email message to us has gone unanswered, please re-send with relevant information to mansondirect@yahoo.com and we will make every effort to respond in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience. Please excuse any inconvenience.

ATWA is the acronym for Air Trees Water Animals. It is a name for all life on Earth, and represents the human quest to live in balance with our planet's life-support systems.

ATWA has its roots in the hills of Kentucky, USA, when people living on the land took a stand against industrial “progress" in the 1930's. Today that struggle and thought is alive in passionate and committed people throughout the world.

There is a war being waged upon Life.  ATWA is a unified movement to re-direct human efforts of war towards the problem.  War on the problem, war on pollution - not war on life.

Everyone helping with ATWA is doing so on a volunteer basis.

ATWA is a California 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, and we are increasing our efforts to redeem the planet through tree and seed-planting projects, public outreach and education, and networking with like-minded organizations.

Get involved!

Please see our Clean Up Crew page for more information on conducting your own clean ups and submitting your pictures, videos, and stories to be featured on the site.

See the Savior page to learn about seedballs and start your own local Savior Project.  Submissions are also being accepted for this section.

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