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Clean-up Crew

Help inspire others to get involved - Please submit your clean-up photos to be featured on the site!   

e-mail pictures, video, and text to: contact@atwaearth.com


Removing trash and pollution from the ecosystem is a great way for anyone and everyone to easily help heal the planet right now.  We can all do our part to clean up the creeks, rivers, forests, and beaches of the planet by going out into our local wildernesses.  It's important to realize and remind others that our "outdoors" is "home" for insects, birds, plants, trees, and animals.

Society is refusing to stop producing plastic, which breaks down into the ecosystem and is very dangerous to birds and other animals.  You can protect them by cleaning up your local areas and recycling the trash.  Bring a few bags with you to collect the garbage.

There are now massive "garbage patches" of plastic debris swirling around in our oceans.  Watch Plastic Soup - The Great Pacific Patch on YouTube.

Also, check out this invention for cleaning the ocean:  BoyanSlat.com/plastic, and watch what the inventor has to say about the project.

See the infographics below to learn more about what plastic is doing to our oceans.






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