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I’ve been a lifetime in a cell trying to figure this problem out.  I can’t sleep without thinking.  I can’t live without something beating in my chest or functioning in my soul and my life that says this: There is only one way.  There can be no dissension.  There can be no division; there can be no question about it.  Human beings are the problem.  And all life will be lost on Earth if you don’t deal with the human problem.  Human is the problem, people are the problem. The oil doesn’t hurt people.  It’s the people that are maneuvering the oil that’s hurting people.

— Charles Manson, 2009



The woman takes a spoonful of food, sticks it in the baby’s mouth and the baby would spit it out.  She’d pick it off his cheek and stick it back in his mouth and he’d spit it out.  I said “What are you doing, woman?” she said “I’m just feeding my baby.” I said “That baby don’t want that in his mouth, he’s spitting it out!”.

She said “Oh, he’s just playing.”  I said “don’t put playing on the kid, he ain’t playing, he don’t want that in his mouth!”, and I look at it and it said “Gerber’s Baby Food, lima beans and bacon”.  I said “this kid don’t like lima beans and bacon, try some of them prunes!”  He tried prunes and ate them right up!  And then the stuff he’d spit out she’d put to one side, and the stuff he’d eat she’d put on the other side.  And that baby wouldn’t eat no meat.

No one told him to be a vegetarian, he just didn’t want no meat in his mouth.  That’s pretty far out isn’t it?  That’s one of the reasons why I quit eating meat.

— Charles Manson, 2009




A war is not a holocaust; God’s war against man is a holocaust, not man’s war against man.  The reality of the holocaust is not in the movies.  The reality of the holocaust is with the dead fish that you see in the ocean.  It’s when you go and see where a forest used to be there’s a shopping mall.  Where a lake used to be, there’s a drive-in.  Where the freeway is, there used to be a creek and a river.

— Charles Manson, 2006





I lived with a bug for 17 years.  Everyone hated this bug and said it was no good and bad.  It had no eyes, no ears and lived its life on feeling, alone in the dark, no help, no claws, no fangs, no defenses.  A helpless little bug.  I watched it and thought how this life form can find any joy, why this life would want to live.  I learned more from that bug than I did from my whole life before.

I fell in love with another life form.  That bug could feel what I thought.  I set for ten years with no books, no TV, no radio, nothing but a candle making things with strings and toilet paper.

— Charles Manson

(Source: Bug Letter)



All we say to each other can be true, right, and reassuring, but what good is it without ATWA? ATWA is like an earth ship and pollution is a hole in it and it is sinking as we are all playing ego roles of games that do nothing for ATWA. All live for ATWA or no one lives. All must have a one world government, money, army, all in order to bring order in fast and reset all to ATWA for life itself and all life support systems set in order, balance, and God's will. Real of it is who would want the job? No one, no one. But zero knows that without one there will be no one. Someone must pick up the one and that's what we did and it is running and rolling now. If a man stood and yelled all the names of all the bugs and bushes, wildlife and birds that are becoming extinct, gone from earth, he would be yelling all day and all night. Life is dying faster each day and there is zero, no one who will pick it up to try. The last people who picked it up to fix it was killed (swastika). Japan was running out of space and Germany's only got 15 eagles left and money cuts billions of trees each day.


Your planet is dying and so-called humans can't forgive the kids of the 60s for trying to warn you to bring change, stop the war and turn it around.


When I seen the end of life on earth I set a circle of love and it set me; love for the air, trees, water, and animals.


I'm around and through time's face play. I'm not playing personality face play or fake phony games of bullshit. I'm rolling to redeem trees and life on earth.


25 years in the real service of ATWA has been wasted by not giving Manson his rights.


The people sold your last chance to survive the holocaust (the ongoing destruction of ATWA). In short, the Manson is the same as it's always been. Manson is the man of god people always condemn and punish for telling the truth they never want to hear.


Ecology, ecology, ecology is god, for without it we are dead forever - no life on earth.


...God's coming is not for the glory of people but the kingdom of life and that's bugs, birds, bees, wildlife, trees, fish.


When you live for what others think, you're not ATWA. You're not alive.


WAR on the pollution, WAR on the problem, not war on life.


You fear Manson because he won't submit and play lies and faces with a bunch of fakes and phonies who would suck slime from scum for money, because money is their god.


Did you know that all the raindrops, rivers, lakes, all the waters of the earth is only one water. That all the life on earth is only one life.


Your society is so distorted that a sane man would appear like a mad man.


I live in all life and all not alive also because I'm not an I...the mind of God is in all life and under the snake is just a start.


We've got to start all over again. And that's what we did in 1967, we started a rebirth movement. I got out of the penitentiary and I started all over. And I said, "I'm not going to break the law." And I did not break the law. What needs to be done, and the judgments that came from me, is on any computer that has any data that's substance. You ask that computer what are we going to do to stop those polar caps from melting? What are we going to do to keep those ozones in proportion? How are we going to save the North Sea? Why ain't we fishing? Why are all the seals gone? Where's the birds at? You dig?


ATWA has a karma of its own. Law's vortex rolls on pure survival. Anyone who has distorted my life with their greed or reasons for promotions, jobs, or excuses has distorted and taken time from the karma of ATWA and in order for ATWA to survive all balance must be paid to the perfection of numbers 666 or there just won't be no life. God is a perfect balance of all. Good and evil got little to do with it.


All the rivers lakes water is only one water --
All the trees and bushes are but one green --
All air is but one air --
All life bug fish bird dog cat rat are but one life --
The same order for Earth that the Germans started on for the new 1000 years.


You got X amount of time to save ATWA. People drive over you and stop you and pile rocks in your way and claim your efforts and soon your life time goes by and actors and rock and roll singers and TV people go Ha ha, the nut, mad man. Then slowly they begin to become aware of what you said, because they're saying it for money and they don't know it but they are using your thoughts and ways and they begin to realize little chance for life of ATWA as real. Did you ever see someone when they knew they are going to die? They run from it. Do you know what people will do in fear of dying? Fear of Vikings built castles. If someone cut your life so they could be a movie star and others seen him get away with it and they did it and others did it and then ATWA people see that the only life on earth has gone with that thought and it can't be saved in their worlds chamber and the dying starts and they see the only way to get back on track is to use that chamber as a whatever it takes and the actors see that and run over on agents and people that paid them and put them up to it and the pecking orders change. To me it's only a thought. The red ants and the black ants already ate all the white ants and they been eating themselves and the snake sees its own tail and the back ups start backing up. My most and best was worse than a perfect zero backwards into deeper than nothing yelling back at history's circles rolling death wish to time's play actors. Bottom line is anyone who sins against ATWA must pay it back or get on trains to the death camps or Russian Front.



The world’s coming to an end.  You can never look at God when you’re looking down at it.  You got to get under him and look up at it, and when you look up at him you’d be surprised what you find.  Want me to tell you what you gotta do?  Quit using soap.  Quit using bleach.  Quit using toxic chemicals to spray waxes on your floors.  Quit using light bulbs.  Quit using things that contaminate the earth.  Quit using automobiles; get you some little donkeys and little wagons.  Quit building things; quit cutting down trees.  Get all the way down up under that lizard.  Get up underneath that lizard and bow down to that lizard.  Because if that lizard don’t survive, whatever you guys do with that war don’t matter.  It might be better if you all killed yourselves, then maybe the lizard would survive.

— Charles Manson, 1992

(Source: Michal ben Horin interview)



When I got out of prison, I went up in the mountains and I looked around and I sat down and I seen the water all polluted.  I seen the trees being cut down.  I seen this concrete maze that man has made and it’s like I had come from another place that’s not the same place that you guys— that that world lives in.  And I thought, ‘Whose responsible for this?  Whose job is this to make sure that we got air here to breathe?'  Because we’re gonna run out of air here.  This whole planet’s gonna run out of air.  And I look at the water and I look at the way they’re misusing the resources and the water, and how they use tons and tons and tons of paper.  You got 200 million people shoveling paper all day long.  You think, something has to be done here, you know, to reach a balance to where we can have life on this planet.

You watch the people feed tons of grain to animals, then they kill the animals then eat the animals. Why don’t they just eat the grain and let the animals live? It don’t make sense. Why are they eating the animals? They eat flesh and blood then go to church and talk about “thou shalt not kill.” And they kill everyday with every breath they take. And you say, “Hey you got to stop killing the animals, man.” You gotta stop to eating the flesh. What’s wrong with you, man? Gee man!

Then I say the life they are killing is mine.  And then I go out, and they’re cutting a great big old tree down.  And I say, ‘Oh, I feel that! I feel - what are you doing?!  You are cutting me down here!’  And I say, ‘Stop cutting me down or I will shoot you.’  You know, if you keep cutting the trees down, I’m gonna cut you down.  He says, ‘Well look, I got a wife and kids and I need the money.  I have a job and I don’t know anything else.’  And I say, ‘Well, I can’t blame you. Who’s your boss?’  So, I go to the boss and the boss says, ‘I worked 20 years to be foreman here.’  And he says, ‘This is my way of life and my kids are going to college and I need the money.’  And I say, ‘Well, it ain’t your fault.’  And then I say, ‘Who’s your boss?’  And he says, ‘Ace and Ace Lumber company.’  So, I go to the Ace Lumber company and they're a subsidiary to a Rabiscapp company and 40% of that stock is owned by Reverend Sun Myung Moon; let me say Korea.  Then another 20% is owned by Bolivia.  And somebody else owns 10%.  Then Margaret of Malibu owns 10%.  And I go check Margaret out and she died 5 years ago and she willed all of her assets to the cats.  So, she’s got 300 cats living at a 10 bedroom mansion with a butler and a chauffeur, and everybody’s provided for life as long as they take care of the cats.  And the cats are reproducing themselves, so we got a legal lock on the trees.  And so the cats are walking around cutting all the trees down.

— Charles Manson, 1985

(Source:  KALX interview)



“Tho shalt not kill,” said my daddy.
Mother agreed, as she served a meat patty.
Who is the killer? Let me see…
It’s only Man, he’s you and me.
The Indian said, “Kill only what you need.”
But the White man likes to see things bleed.
Big man, taking trophies home to his wife.
Showing daddy’s daughter how he killed it with his knife.
Look at the big man passing to others his fear…
Look to the children, Judgement Day is near.
God’s love knows what I say.
Life in the loving along the way…
is the way, is the way.
Forget… forget, it’s better than learning.
Back to the start the world is turning.

— Charles Manson, 1971




Progress? There’s no such thing as progress, there’s only change. You dig a hole in the ground and you build up a city and you fight a war and you call it progress? You call it change. And its a beautiful game and its a perfect game. And whoever wants to continue playing General and going out and killing themselves, well my goodness— I wouldn’t want to play that game myself. But if they want to play it, I love them for it. If they want to go over there and kill each other. The only reason they are over there is cause they want to be. They can use any excuse, and they can say, “But… but… and… maybe…” But it boils down to, man, just one thing: as long as there’s hate in your heart, there will be hate in the world. You can’t fight for peace and you can’t capture freedom. And it’s just a simple old thing, man, that any baby can figure out if we didn’t put cancer in his mind.

— Charles Manson, 1967

(Source:  Universal Recording Sessions)




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